Life Partner

The existence of mankind surely can’t loose rather than the existence of other human beings, because that’s how it is. It’s just that the existence of each there are separate portions. There is a portion of the existence which leads to goodness and there are portions that carry on the existence of malice.

Where good and evil at the time have now become relative and not absolute anymore. Then the existence of the human being’s existence-having ‘ tasks ‘ are sometimes difficult and sometimes very difficult. ‘ The task ‘ i.e. search, find, understand, and do good deeds which are not relative, namely absolute and universal goodness. Also search, find, understand and avoid the ugliness that is not relative, absolute, and universal.

Like the above that is the ‘function’ life partner in life. Life partner that is not only always make happy, but the spouse could make angry, resentful, annoyed, crying and silent. I.e. anger, hate, upset, crying and silence that leads to absolute goodness more universal and distanced from the ugliness of the absolute and universal.

Couples who can living together to learn, understand, toward, approaching, and along with Him who The Most Absolute and Universal.


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